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The success of Canvas games in Facebook: Virality

The first axiom is that the success game should be viral. It is game dev term, which means the ability of the game to spread and to attract other  players, using social network-based mechanics such as invitations or requests for help. What does it mean? To cut a long story short, it means that the player like the game, invite own friend, share game stories. Let’s discover it more deeply on the example of King studio games.

Virality involves friends’ engagement. There are 3 most popular examples of how to create a virus from the game.

1. ask friend for life, moves, coins, help

2. invite friend pop up

3. game stories share

4. send push notifications

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In all popular games there are at lest 2 pop ups after loading. These pop ups offer you to send moves, coins, invite friends. Even Facebook would like to help you in game virality. They return you the list of your friends ordered by  possibility of a friend which can be interested in the game. Also it is very important in such windows to create it in the same style as the game is. In this case the users will not fell that it is a kind of advertisement. In addition, you should remunerate the user after any activity. Does he invite a friend? Give him 3 extra moves at the level or 100 coins. Remember, that the user should understand what does he get after his activity. Like at the screen, there is «2 extra moves bonus» after the user will send moves for friends.

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The most amazing example of virality I found in King studio games. They force the player to invite at least 3 friends or to ask friend come back to the game. How? After every collection there is a three persons stop. You should  ask three friend for help, they should accept this invitations and only after that the next collection will be open foe you. Sometime you should wait for days to continue the game, so in this case you call the friend by phone and ask to accept the Candy Crush push notification. As for me, this King invention really work. This feature work in the some time as a vitality and as a retention, because you ask friends to play in game(make the game popular) or return to the game ( even if they are no longer addictive) and you return to the game again and again with the aim to begin the next collection.

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There is one moment to pay attention, do not overdo. If the player will have only one possibility to invite friend to continue the game, your game rating will decrease rapidly. There should always be some other possibilities for the player, for example, to play additional game and to open the collection or to pay money or to wait 24 hours and it will automatically open. You should feel your player’s limit of  patience.

In conclusion to the variety part, it should be in your game if you would like to create a successful project.

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