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The Trivia Movie presents an unforgivable quest for Guess the Movie. All movies fall into 5 categories: Comedy, Drama, Melodrama, Fiction and Adventure. The Fortune’s wheel chooses from which category the question will be. And what category are you good at?
2 000 best American and European movies are gathered in this game. But you will have only 20 seconds to answer correctly and guess the movie. Make all haste you can!
You may compete with movie fans from all over the world in the game. Also you can play with your friends. You have to guess more movies, than your competitor. You gain coins for each winning game, for which you may buy prompts in the game. You and your competitor answer the questions in turns; the move goes to the next player, when (s)he fails to answer correctly. Do not forget to enter the game, because you have only 48 hours to answer the questions, if it is your turn.