Kingdom Sweets 2

Match the candies!

Match the candies!

Match the candies!

It’s time to play a sweet adventure game!

You will join to the adventures of the fairy named Sweety in the sweetest kingdom. She is looking for the recipe of the tastiest sweets. She will cook this recipe at the annual holiday of sweets. Let’s help her to win!

You will be visiting the nearby kingdoms to find the recipe. Each kingdom has tasty landscapes and levels cooked from candy. You will explore the kingdom of the jam, land of the Soda Bubbles, kingdom of Waffle saga and other match-3 lands.

The game has plenty of unique levels, with lots of exciting tasks and traps. You should swap and match the sweets. You should create a big explosion from candies.

You may invite your friends to play together and to explore the world faster. You can compete with your friends. If you have better scores, than your friends, you will get the winner cup.

Enjoy the game. Your journey is starting now!