Tup to mine!


Tap to become the best mine manager!

Open up your own business! It’s time to become a boss in your mine empire. Tap to make money and level up your investments in this casual tycoon clicker. Explore all the challenging and unique levels in this saga.

The idle clicker lets you play by tapping. Click to earn crystals, oil, gold, and coins. Tap to level up and automate your business while you are offline. If you want to make progress faster and increase your profit, use all the boosters, and become a top league entrepreneur.

Hire and fire your managers in the oil mine to automate the workflow and boost your economy. Take on the challenge and find out the best strategy to become a millionaire. If you are dreaming about becoming even wealthier and ear your first billion, invest gold in the Idle Oil Miner.

Take on the challenge and discover the best mining strategy and earn as much cash as possible! 💰