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The success of Canvas games in Facebook: Retention

Imagine, that your game works like the virus, so it feels the first condition of successful game. Is it enough to become popular on social games market? Unfortunately no, one time users do not earn many money (as much as you would like) and do not help  you to get to the top-10 Facebook games. There is a good example for this case. It is a Flappy Bird game. The news about the game was like a virus. Everybody would like to try it, advice it to the friends, post to Facebook own results. But where is this game now?
This game has zero retention, because there was no reason to return the game. The game has no levels, no bonuses, no finite lives and even no game levels or variety of game characters. So, the game should convince the player return in a day or in a week. The next gold rule of the game tells about retention. Retention indicates how many players remain attached to the title over a certain period of time. Your players should fill  the necessity to return to the game again and again. There is only one question what you should to do? The game should have as many variety of heroes, levels, combination as it is possible. Read more

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The success of Canvas games in Facebook: Virality

The first axiom is that the success game should be viral. It is game dev term, which means the ability of the game to spread and to attract other  players, using social network-based mechanics such as invitations or requests for help. What does it mean? To cut a long story short, it means that the player like the game, invite own friend, share game stories. Let’s discover it more deeply on the example of King studio games. Read more

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The success of Canvas games in Facebook: Introduction

The most complicated part in the game development is not to create an architecture, draw a design, found the sound effects or even come up with profitable idea. The most of time a game studio make researches how to extend the game like a virus among players. Such researches do not focus on the income and is not counted in dollars. Such researches try to understand how to attract the user, than retain and only after it how to monetize the player. These three basic things concerns only social games, so my research will concentrated on Facebook network, because it is the easiest platform to implement three rules of social games.  To create a successful game in Google Play or iTunes we should take into account more conditions and such research will be even more complicated. Read more